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Server: coffe.io Protocol: https Port: 8888

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that is not
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Use Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Tron, Polygon and other coins on the COFFE network
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The proprietary consensus algorithm will be available in 2023
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About wallet

For the convenience of users, we have developed a wallet based on atomic swaps. This is a wallet that stores keys on the user side, the wallet will allow you to:

Create an account
in the COFFE network &
make transactions in COFFE
Conduct coin transactions from COFFE network to another network
Receive tokens from another network to your Telegram wallet
Exchange any tokens on the network, add trading pairs and earn on the supply of liquidity
Confirm dAPP transactions in the COFFE network


The security of the COFFE blockchain is beyond question as it is built on EOSIO, one of the most secure blockchains of today. The security of EOS is time-tested. We not made significant changes in the system that could reduce network security.

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COFFE blockchain is developing the infrastructure for creating atomic swaps with other blockchains. The swaps mechanism allows conducting transactions from one blockchain to another. When transferring a coin from some other blockchain to the COFFE blockchain, it remains on the swap wallet, which is managed by a smart contract. At that, the coin is issued in the COFFE blockchain, with the help of the same smart contract, and then is sent to the end recipient. In the case of a reverse transaction from the COFFE blockchain to another blockchain, the coin is erased in the COFFE blockchain, and the coin remaining on the smart contract wallet is sent to the end recipient of the transaction. Generally speaking, the COFFE blockchain can include as many coins as there are on the swap wallet, no more and no less.

A user will be charged a smart contract swap fee for the use of swaps in the COFFE network and a fee for conducting a transaction in the corresponding network.

COFFE blockchain uses the same consensus algorithm as EOS - dPOS, but with some difference. To increase the system decentralization in the COFFE network, from the general queue of producers ready to create blocks, we choose only block producers. A block producer is selected in a decentralized manner: all producers choose one random number. All these numbers are summarized, and the total sum becomes the base number, with the help of which the producer of the next block is calculated (by a mathematical formula).

The resulting number is decomposed into registers. Then, the total number is divided by each of the registers that differ from 0 sequentially. It is done until we get a number in the range of the queue, which will be equal to the number in the queue of the block producer, creating the next block. All calculations are done by each producer independently, which means that the procedure is completely random since the final choice depends on the number created by each producer. To create a block in the network, two queues are created. The first queue should include up to 21 block producers, whereas the second one can include all the others. The first queue selects a producer that would produce the block, whereas the second selects a producer that would replace the producer who completed the creation of the block. The first queue confirms the block, and the producer, who has completed the work, is shifted to the second queue. Later, he can be selected in the first queue by the second one, and then, to produce the block, he can be selected by the first queue.


In the COFFE network, everyone can become a bp. To do this, it is enough to place 10,000,000 CFF in the block producer's contract stake, which will allow to obtain a unique identifier of the block producer.

In installing, configuring and running the software, the project team will provide all possible assistance and direct assistance. Server equirements to bps: 8 core, 32 Gb RAM, 4Tb HDD

Rewards for the production of blocks

The reward for the block production in the COFFE network will be accrued and paid for 20 years. By the end of 2038, the total number of tokens issued as a reward for the production of blocks will be 19 000 000 000 CFF. Each transaction conducted in the COFFE network will reduce the token issue as the commission fee in the COFFE network is erased completely. At the end of the CFF token issue, the system commission fee will be frozen and then accrued in full to producers who created another block (as a kind of reward).


For the convenience of users, we have developed the COFFEmask wallet. This wallet will allow you to:
1. Create an account on the COFFE network and conduct transactions with coins on the COFFE network;
2. Conduct coin transactions from the COFFE network to another network and back (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Tron, Polygon); you can pay and receive rewards with ETH or USDT even if you don't have an Ethereum wallet);
3. Exchange tokens in the COFFE network easily and quickly;
4. Earn on the supply of liquidity;
5. Confirm dAPP transactions on the COFFE network.

How I can create a free COFFE account?
What is a swap-token?
How are smart contracts working in COFFE?
How can I change my private keys and use another wallet?
Is this the first DEX multi-chain in the world?
What are the COFFE games?
What fees are available in COFFE?
What is the coffe.hold?

To create a COFFE account you need to use telegram on any device (mobile, pc, mac) and have an @name that can be set up in telegram settings.

Go to our bot https://t.me/CFFswop_bot and click the start button,
Type in chat "h".
Click an account > create.
Type an account name (use a 12byte name without spaces, available symbols are: a..z, 1..5)
and then confirm it.
When your account is created, the bot gives you a link for transactions in explorer.
You can always find your account in explorer via:

Swap-token is the special COFFE standard for making bridges to all chains. When you send crypto to the specified COFFE hot wallet, a smart contract issues swap-token with the suffix "c". For example, if you swap BTC in COFFE, you get a BTCC token on your COFFE account. When you swap out from COFFE, BTCC is burned and you get BTC on your wallet from our hot wallet. Swap-tokens in COFFE have the same circulation amount as at balance of liquid hot wallets.

Any swap-token of any chain in COFFE has an identical structure and can be sent between COFFE users in 0.5 seconds. The COFFE multi-chain looks like Lightning Network for all chains. A smart contract swap-price gets a price for liquidity of tokens from binance api, and you can use it in your dapps for calculating prices.

The COFFE multichain is based on eosio fork with many changes and its own consensus. But COFFE supports compatibility with all eosio smart contracts. This means that you can deploy any dapp from eos to Сoffe and start working with tokens of all chains.

The COFFE team is open for partnership. If you have a good dapp on tron or ethereum and don't know how to make eosio contract our team can help you to make it.

!Attention: Please be sure that you understand all the consequences of what you are doing before changing your keys. If you make an error you can lose your money. To change permissions, you need write to the bot "h", select "account" > "change keys" and send to the bot your public key. After this action, you can use coffe.bloks.io wallet and Scatter to make actions in COFFE.

To get back in the bot chat, write "h", select "account" > "get keys in bot". Setup permission for your account to this key. You can use active(1) kkey2 to use the bot and another wallet together.

COFFE one is the classical DEX as newdex or any other but but within some difference. The main advantages of our exchange are non KYC trading without fees and trading with any tokens on one account with simple system of swap tokens to the original chains. For example, you can easily trade tron or ethereum and tokens of these chains on Coffe dex. Do you want to trade without limits, KYC, and fees? Welcome to coffe.one

One of the perspective directions of COFFE evolution is gaming and gambling. COFFE has its own unity3d and unreal engine 4 assets for game developers, which demonstrate all basic functions to work with our multichain via wallet api by socketsio. Some games of our partners will be available soon and will demonstrate how it can be used in practice. Cryptoweed and Wardefi projects are getting ready to start.

Resources in COFFE provided for new users are absolutely free. To protect the chain from spam dapps we make transaction fees. This will make transfers mining not effective. All fees for transfers are off till 2021. There are no fees for swapping to COFFE, but for swap out, we need to take some fee because transfer in original chains is not free and we need to pay this fee to swap out to your wallet in different chains. It is set up to $1 default and changes if parent chains increase the fees.

COFFE dapps of our partners provide an opportunity to distribute part of dividends to the COFFE holders. Anybody can deposit any tokens for an airdrop to the COFFE holders by sending tokens to the COFFE.hold address with memo applystake. If the token is not in the table of the smart contract it will be added automatically. Dividends will be distributed according to the share of tokens in the stake.

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